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André Bakker

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Computational Fluid Mixing

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The purpose of this site is to provide an overview of my work in fluid dynamics and fluid mixing. It includes my lectures on Computational Fluid Dynamics and Reacting Flows taught at Dartmouth College. Furthermore, you will find a gallery of colorful fluid dynamics pictures, photos, videos, and a book on Computational Fluid Mixing. This material has been created over the years, mostly through computer modeling using Ansys Fluent, but also from experimental data. The main focus is fluid dynamics and fluid mixing in practical applications.

[Rushton vortices]
[Helical static mixer
[Helical static mixer
Rushton Turbine Vortices
Helical Static Mixer
Laminar Static Mixer
[Bubble column]
Bubble Column
Cyclone Separator
[American football]
[Desktop computer]
[Tab mixer
American Football
Desktop Computer
Turbulent Static Mixer
[Precessing vortex]
Anaerobic Fermenter
Precessing Vortex
Axial Flow Impeller
Glass Lined Mixer
[Le Penseur]
BT-6 Impeller
Le Penseur
Characteristics of Turbulence

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